Chrome removes Plugin controls = users cant manage plugins

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  • Google has removed plugin controls for Chrome. So how are we going to use 3rd party plugins with Construct 3??? Read this article detailing a week ago Google's controversial decision. ... om-chrome/

    So what is the solution to this ? Many people are complaining about this not just for C3 but regular Chrome users as well.

  • This news doesn't mean what a lot of people think it means. The Chrome browser has deprecated the access permissions of a handful of plugins.

    Plugins are not extensions. Chrome uses a small number of plugins like a built-in PDF viewer as standard, these are much closer to base than extensions.

    Browser plugins do not refer to C3 plugins, despite the name being the same. I have no idea how C3 works, but plugins will likely work in a similar way to plugins on web-services like WordPress, wherein they're actually a series of web files (PHP, JS etc) stored in a folder within the WordPress installation.

  • Hmm, no that should be okay actually, plugins in Construct 3 won't be like plugins in Chrome itself.

    It's kind of like a sandbox in a back yard. Chrome is the back yard, and the lacking of plugin editing options might be like "the pool is closed off", but all the content (Construct 3, our games, etc) will be running in the sandbox (even the Construct 3 plugins), so they are okay for now.

    Edit: Ah too slow, basically what was said above

  • Ok so basically this is good news for us right? I am asking because since C3 is browser based its not going to use plugins the same way that C2 used them. In C2 you put plugins in the folder but with C3 its seems we have to install plugins on the browser itself.

    Article says this

    "Starting with Chrome 57, that option is no longer available. This means essentially that Chrome users won't be able to disable -- some -- plugins anymore, or even list the plugins that are installed in the web browser."

  • Yeah it's okay, the plugins in C3 will be installed in the "page" rather than the Chrome browser itself (I imagine some sort of drag-and-drop, or maybe even a copy paste or Asset Store like Unity has )

  • Yeah it's okay, the plugins in C3 will be installed in the "page" rather than the Chrome browser itself (I imagine some sort of drag-and-drop, or maybe even a copy paste or Asset Store like Unity has )

    I really hope your right because I don't think it will be that easy but I hope it is. The problem is Construct developers really messed up by not telling us specific info on how C3 will work. All they did was share way for us to pay for it and not give us any real info on features.

    So now we are left to figure out stuff by overselves. Poor job on C3 developers with info sharing. They have us all going nuts trying to sort stuff out.

  • Actually it's not too hard to work out - web based IDEs are not new, if it helps you could think of C3 as functionally a CMS for game development.

    As C3 is linked to our accounts, I imagine every account will have a cloud based file tree storing every from c3 files to image assets - most importantly, there'd also be a folder for plugins.

    Where it gets really interesting is that because everything is the browser and behind an account login now, adding extensions should be completely seamless - you'll be able to pop into the Scirra store mid development, install the plugin you need and get right back to development.

    Christ where it gets really exciting is when you consider all the new ways going in browser opens up C3 for the community, you could possibly:

    1) Have a baked-in "Post to forum" option within the program. Having a problem with a tricky event? Forum support is a click away.

    2) Share file access across accounts for collaborative or educational gain.

    3) Tie in seamlessly with version control platforms like GitHub for professional level collaboration options.

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  • The others are right, you're getting confused between Construct plugins and browser plugins. Construct 3 will not require and browser plugins to run.

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