Chrome affect on NWjs and C3

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  • Hi everyone,

    I noticed that if chrome is running in the background with a few tabs opened, it can affect both C3 NWjs editor and exported NWjs games, but not all the times, I don't know what actually triggers it, chrome can be opened for while without causing any issues and then it's just starts out of nowhere.

    I'm talking about sudden massive drop in the frame rate, in most cases after restarting a layout or straight up when launching. In some cases C3 won't even launch until I close chrome.

    Anyone else having issues like this?

    Does NWjs and chrome share any kind of processing/memory if they both run together?

    Chrome is usually always opened in the background for me, it never was an issue with NWjs before.

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  • It's nice to see this "feature" carried over from Construct 2.

    I guess technically it's a NWjs "feature" that your Steam fans will leave raving reviews about.

  • Not sure if this is related but a few weeks ago or so I updated to Chrome 85 and since then I have many crashes out of "Memory" even with like 4 or 5 pages opened only but it was nothing to do with C3 as I didn't even have it opened. I have 16GB RAM and I didn't have any program open on that time so definitely was plenty of RAM there, and this happened many times.

    Maybe is not related to your case but I thought to mention just in case.

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