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  • This is probably a simple question, but what dictates the characters speed in Demonoire? I'm sure I am not looking at the right spot, but I do see the character has 8 way movement, but I do not see what defines the speed.

    P.S. Thank you to whomever, created and decided to post the demos. They are EXTREMELY helpful.

  • Yes it's 'Max Speed' in 8-direction behaviour on the Player Mask object, set to 90.

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  • Player_Base object, but yes :)

    Glad you're finding the demo helpful!

  • Sorry I guess I'm still missing it. When I go and click on the player base in the folder system, Object types > Player > player_base , the 8direction behaviors have "(no instances)" in the columns for acceleration and max speed etc.

    However, after searching I see that max speed is set to 90 on event 54 of eGame Room event sheet. I believe it is set that if the character isn't dashing then set to max speed of 90?

    I guess my confusion is because I would have thought there would be a default value for max speed some where. The main reason I am looking into this is because I like how the character doesn't appear to accelerate and decelerate. It just moves at the set speed and I was trying to figure out how to replicate that.

    Thank you for your replies!

  • There are no instances of Player_Base on the Gatewood layout. It's on the ObjectBank layout though (a store of all objects in the game), so if you open that layout you can select it from the Project Bar and see its max speed property (90).

    You can also right-click objects in the Project Bar, select Find all references, and it also tells you which layouts the object has instances placed on.

  • Ah yes ok I see that now. I also like how that layout is basically a main place for the objects. Alright thanks everyone!

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