Changing pivot point on a 3D object and rotate object on all axis

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  • I'm not sure where to post suggestions for updates, thus the reason for this post.

    1. Being able to set the pivot point of a 3D object to top, bottom, left bottom etc. would be awesome.

    2. Atm. you can only rotate the angle of an object on x. Would be nice to rotate on z and y as well. That way you can rotate a sprite 90 degrees usefull when using a 3D camera. Right now I have to do an edit mesh on a sprite to achieve it.

    3. If you create a cube/3d object and make it a solid and set the z-value to say -20. An object at z-value 0 will still collide with it. Maybe this is a restriction of the engine not being fully 3D.

    4. Adding obj or fbs files. Probably not possible. Textures not needed. Would be usefull for rockt cliff's etc even as flatshaded.


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  • 5. Mouse/Touch control only detects collision on one face of the 3D object and not the collision mesh/bounding box.

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