How to change in construct 3 official behaviors

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  • hi, in construct 2 i could easily change the official plugins/behaviors code and use them ,

    like : in my project i need to use turret behavior but i need "Range" calculate in ellipse instead of circle so i changed the code and now i bought the construct 3 , but i can not change the construct 3 behaviors code !! so what i have to do ? can construct 3 devs give me this turret behavior in construct 3 code so i can change it and use it ?!

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  • I made a couple minor changes in c2 plugins also. But I know they frown on that - especially at the rate C3 is changing.

    It would probably be a lot easier to make your own turret object that works the way you want.

  • hi, thanks for the answer

    yes, but i have to rewrite the entire turret behavior for c3 , if they just give me the turret behavior code it will be a lot of help.

    i will change that code to a new plugin.

    is there a way to get the code ?

  • i don't want to change to the official c3 behavior but only get the code and change it the the new plugin and replace that in game in c3

  • The built in plugins and behaviours are not available to be modified or copied/forked in Construct 3.

    You can recreate pretty much any behavior with events or JavaScript if it doesn't work the way you want it to.

  • Modifying the built-in addons was only ever allowed by accident of the way the installer worked, and it caused really, really terrible compatibility problems, such as corrupt projects, users locked out of new releases, and running in to bugs that were long ago fixed. It was never meant to be supported and since it causes so many problems, it's not supported in Construct 3. As noted you can either use the addon SDK to make your own separate addon that works exactly as you want, or use JavaScript coding, or just re-make the behavior's features in events.

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