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  • Hello the admob sdk is changing

    Beginning Jan 23, 2018, Google Mobile Ads SDK versions older than 7.0.0 for Android and 7.0.0 for iOS will no longer be supported. Publishers with these older versions will not be able to serve ads in their apps(s). Please ensure that you have upgraded to the latest version of the Google Mobile Ads SDK.

    I am hoping that construct ad plugin is also updated according.

  • When you export from C3 to Android Studio you can see on: (Project Structure>module of your app>dependencies) we are using '', is should change to '' in the next days.

  • What if export from C2 through cordova and build the apk using cordova command prompt?

    Will it update automatically, too?

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  • I had a quick look at the older admob plugin, for iOS it uses version 7.1.0 and for Android it uses whatever latest version is.

    The C3 mobile-advert plugin uses 7.24.1 for iOS and 11.2.0 for Android. Note that AdMob doesn't have a unified versioning system between the iOS and Android version, so it's not that on iOS a really old version is being used.

    Admob seem to be requesting 7.0.0 or higher for both which is a little confusing, but both plugins should fulfil this requirement. Either way I'm going to look into changing the mobile-advert plugin to use the latest version ( we're only a couple of months behind but it makes sense to keep up to date ).

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