Any chance for a coronavirus licensing discount or something? =/

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  • I'm quite ashamed to ask, but is there any way one can get a good crisis discount? My one year license ended on march and then the virus came and now I'm losing my job and it would be great to have acess to my projects again but with the economical situation here in Brazil it's a little too expensive for me 😢

    Sorry I know this inapropiate but I really needed to try

  • There is monthly subscription at least you can take with current circumstances.

  • I also got this special offer


    Construct 3

    Construct 3

    Expires on 30 Nov, 2023 at 01:03

    But dont see any discount or someting applied to the purchase option

  • You can apply the discount to your basket when you order a plan :

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  • You can apply the discount to your basket when you order a plan :

    I'm not getting any discount showing up until the last checkout stage. Do tou mean my construct 2 discount? I got that last year =/

  • Please allow me to show my case better.

    I've been developing a game on construct since 2016, with a lot of coming and goings because of work excess all this time.

    On march 2019 I've switched to C3 and started the game from scratched and it's looking a lot better.

    Anyway, from too much work to almos none with the coronavirus going on, I'd really like to get back at this project, which is currently at around 40%

    To make things worse, our currency here is with it's lowest value since a long time so it's a very heavy expense in dollar for me to take

    Not that I'm asking for a free copy or anything, if I get my C2 license discount to work a second time it would be great already o/

  • If you already used your C2 discount, it is not available anymore.

    As mentioned, the monthly subscription is to be looked into.

    You can always send an email to for further discussion.

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