Can't Preview (blank black preview) on construct 3

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  • the error on console

    Uncaught (in promise) ReferenceError: window is not defined at SingleGlobalInstance.dependenciesCleared (8bb9fdf4-7eb4-4c9c-814f-908ec6ab967f:66) at new SingleGlobalInstance (8bb9fdf4-7eb4-4c9c-814f-908ec6ab967f:20) at Function.C3.New (jsutil.js:1) at C3.Instance._CreateSdkInstance (instance.js:1) at C3.ObjectClass._CreateSingleGlobalInstance (objectClass.js:1) at new C3.ObjectClass (objectClass.js:1) at Function.C3.New (jsutil.js:1) at Function.Create (objectClass.js:1) at C3.Runtime._LoadDataJson (runtime.js:1) at C3.Runtime.Init (runtime.js:1) dependenciesCleared 8bb9fdf4-7eb4-4c9c-814f-908ec6ab967f:66 SingleGlobalInstance 8bb9fdf4-7eb4-4c9c-814f-908ec6ab967f:20 C3.New jsutil.js:1 _CreateSdkInstance instance.js:1 _CreateSingleGlobalInstance objectClass.js:1 C3.ObjectClass objectClass.js:1 C3.New jsutil.js:1 Create objectClass.js:1 _LoadDataJson runtime.js:1 Init runtime.js:1 async function (async) a 5c7d7481-ff95-42e6-a9d2-f79a64e2797e:1 (anonymous) 5c7d7481-ff95-42e6-a9d2-f79a64e2797e:1

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  • found the fix: uncheck "worker" on C3 project, scroll waaaay down.

  • It looks like a problem with a third-party addon you're using, because the error refers to things that aren't used anywhere in Construct.

  • Occasionally I also get a black screen preview. Never checked the console though as it's fixed upon restarting the prev. I'm not using any addons. I'll investigate more next time it happens.

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