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  • I made a project and decided to add a 1 pixel by 1 pixel tilemap for maximum detail. The size of the layout is 6400 x 4800 or something huge like that. Obviously that takes a lot of CPU. I now cannot get into my project because it takes so long to open, that the page crashes and I have to reload it. I wish I could get into my project to delete the tilemap and try a different approach. Is there any way to get into my project or delete the tilemap from outside? I use Google Drive to save my projects.

    Thanks in advance.

  • That's over 30 million tiles... maybe you could leave it running for a couple of hours and see if it eventually loads!

  • I am not sure if this will work but the .c3p files is pretty much a compressed file, you can unzip that file, there is a layout folder that contains all the layout json files, if you find all the layout.json files that has the tilemap instance, you might be able to go in change the value.

    after you modified the json, you have to zip the project back up and change the extension to .c3p and try and import the project from the file. i tried this with a very simple project and it worked. if you have multiple instances of the tile map in different layouts it might be a bit more work.

  • Ashley Thanks for the math :) I can't leave it running more than a minute without it doing anything or it crashes.

    piranha305 I might have to give it a go and see how that works.

    Thank you both

  • piranha305 I unzipped it and it is now in Google Drive. I found the Tilemap instance and its tile width/height. However I can not edit anything. Any help with this?

  • Unzip it on your computer not on Google drive. Then you should be able to edit it.then when you zip it back up a. C3P file you can import that file from your desktop.


    I created a GIF of a simple basic example. hopefully it helps

  • Thank you

  • If you regularly save to drive then it would be easier to go directly to drive and under activity tab of the c3p file you will see all the previous saved versions.

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  • NetOne

    If you regularly save to drive then it would be easier to go directly to drive and under activity tab of the c3p file you will see all the previous saved versions.

    Do I have to download the older version and then upload it using the 'upload a new version button'?

  • Whatever you like sir.

    if you click the 3 dots in the top left when you have selected a file you should be able to see all the versions. Personally I would download and make sure you have what you want first.

    note i was just reading that drive doesn't actually save all versions forever (there is a system that deletes older versions of a given file as your Drive fills up) but it should at least have a fair few recent edits of a the C3P.

  • NetOne THANK YOU SOOOOO MUCH! THAT WAS SO EASY! Now I can keep going on my project and I know I can go back to a previous version. Just download the version you want and click upload a new version. Select the file you want and upload that.

    piranha305 Thank you so much for your time as well. You were helpful to me in this and you even went out of your way to create a template for me.

    Thank you both and keep making great games!

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