Can't log in to Google Drive on mobile

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  • Since the r59 update, whenever I try to save or load a project from Google drive on my phone, C3 opens the authentication dialog, I login, but it sends me to a white screen and nothing happens

    I really like being able to use C3 on my phone, but without cloud storage its not viable for me :/

  • Hi are you using C3 in "app mode" or just on chrome? There's a known issue where the login fails to complete in "app mode", a potential fix for that will be in r60. It should work fine in chrome though.

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  • I've had that happen several times since swapping to an Android phone, and I found a decent fix is to 'uninstall C3' and close Chrome, then relaunch and go back to the editor. Not sure why it happens, but it has lead to really inconsistent instances that gave no warning before just doing nothing.

    Hopefully r60 will resolve that like mentioned (maybe AdMob too, who knows)

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