Can't find 'Javascript Origins' or 'APIs & Auth' in Google API Console

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  • I am trying to follow the guide to integrate Google Play Services into my mobile game. However whenever I click the link to the API Console, I am unable to find Javascript Origins or APIs & Auth in my console. Has the API console been updated since the guide was published, or I am I just missing something?

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  • They do tend to move things around occasionally but it doesn't look like any major changes have happened recently. Are you integrating G. Play games for web or G Play games for Android?

  • Trying to integrate for Android.

  • Okay dokes, so normally I navigate to the Google API console project from the Google Play console project.

    Head to and select "Game services" on the left hand menu.

    Click on the game listing that you've created for your application.

    Scroll to the bottom and click the link under the title "API Console project". This will take you to the correct project on the API console.

    Select "Credentials" on the left hand menu.

    From here you can press the "Create credentials" button to set up OAuth credentials for the project, or you can click on the name of a client ID to edit it. You can have multiple credentials for a project of different types.We b applications require you to set up a redirect URI and Authorized JS origins. Android applications require your package name and the signature of your signing certificate.

    So if your setting up for Android then you don't need to set up JS origins or redirect origins. In Android app mode the plugin uses the native play services SDK, which doesn't normally have anything to do with browsers or JS.

  • So can I just setup the integration like normal without adding the java script origins?

  • Yes, you do not need to specify a JS origin. You do need to specify your certificate signature and package identifier though.

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