Cannot "Save" in Chrome Canary

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  • Hello!

    Just to warn, Chrome Canary may wipe your local .c3p file if you try to save locally. Make sure to "Download a local copy" before reacting.

    I use my computer minmially and do not use Chome Canary for anything but C3 (no browser extentions at all or anything), but suddenly today, after doing a bit of work, I cannot "Save" to my local computer. When saving, I get "Unable to save project. Try checking you have permission to save in the chosen location. Alternatively, try saving a different way."

    Now, the main worry here, is, my c3p file has been wiped to 0mb, so... C3 has started the save process but couldn't finish it.

    If this happens to you, BE CAREFUL, use the "Download a copy" feature to save your file, and don't close your browser until you do this. If I had closed my browser and opened it again, I would have lost my work. Also, always backup!

    I get the following error. Perhaps a new Canary update has broken something?:

    I downloaded and installed regular chrome and logged in, works fine and saves fine.

    I'm using beta C3 190 if that matters, but I reckon it's Chrome Canary related. Be careful nonetheless!

    Hope this helps.


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