Caching Problems on IOS?

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  • Recently lauched a beta little kampaign game. Works well on all platforms and browsers except iOS.

    Since it's beta we're pushing updates very frequently, sometimes a few times per day. On all the other platforms it works well, but when it comes to iOS on iPhone every time game is updated something breaks.

    Opening the game on a fresh phone it works, but a phone that has run the game before, things go heywire.

    Anyone else has this problem?, And is there any way to force the browser to use the new game and not some cashed files? It's really annoying, and I'm getting plenty of bug reports of things not working but only on iOS, after an update.

    All other platforms update perfectly and after a page refresh new version is used. iOS seems to use some old files, some cached, some new, causing a shitstorm of problems.

    Any help apreciated.


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