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  • I host games on my website and have recently been having a problem when I make an update.

    It seems that all the changes are not made at once, and sprites and text get mixed up. This occurs in Safari, Chrome and Edge. When I clear the browsers and reopen, then all is fine. But this is not something my average user can do (I have about 400 young children playing these games a day).

    After researching this, it looks like it's due to proxy caching.

    Is my only recourse to make sure my games are never cached? When I did this (in an .htaccess file), then all updates were fine, but now I lose the quicker loading from cache. If I have to choose, it would definitely be for the games to load perfectly with updates.

  • When uploading a new game or updating, just use a different name from the preview one.

    You can even use filename?v1 filename?v2

    Not using cache is not a good approach in your case.

  • Thanks - okay, so when I do that I see that I'm not getting a partial update (no messed up layouts). But when I F5 to refresh it doesn't update to the newest. I know this is kind of a separate problem. Would a good solution (to make sure user has the latest) be to have a php file with the latest version number, and then the app checks against that if not the same then the app forces a reload?

    UGH, never mind. I tried the above and it only reloads from the browser.

  • Are you using a static page on your website or a CMS?

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  • Are you using a static page on your website or a CMS?

    I use a static page.

    I just made sure I had all the MIMES set (I do), thought that was it since two of the required ones were missing, but I'm still not getting a complete update (sometimes it's half updated or not updated at all). When I go into F12 I see this:

    And if I do a refresh when F12 is open, then everything loads. A refresh without F12 open does nothing.

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