C3runtime static physic object causes problems

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  • Was doing some bug report to issue tracker and was sent to here, to discuss why is it happening as physic behavior should not affect GPU. If there is someone who knows it better, or bug is just happening with my pc, not sure about this.


    Having example in fullscreen and taping to create new sprites. In c3runtime gpu will very high and already at 150 sprites it will drag fps to ~30fps and gpu 100%. While in c2runtime gpu is around 10% and fps stays 60.

    I am pretty sure physic sprite in c3runtime, when its set to immovable or world gravity 0, is still handled in a way that it somehow is constantly moving, triggering some webgl batching problems etc, while c2runtime has this covered.

    So is there someone who can clarify how is physic, in this case, affecting GPU, or its something else?

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  • This is essentially a GPU fillrate test. C3 already ships with such a test ("Fill rate performance"). Adding physics to that does not appear to degrade performance at all.

    I'd guess you've flipped some setting in this project which degrades performance in some edge case in the C3 runtime. FWIW, the Physics behavior has no involvement in rendering code whatsoever.

  • I did not flip something, maybe i did bad example. But in physic game, world gravity 0 or immovable physic object are very often ingame.

    Physic itself ofc does not involve with rendering, but behavior itself still moves object with textures, and if there is some bug, it will impact gpu and other aspect of game.

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