C3 on Windows with touch? Surface Pro and other Tabs

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  • Just a general question to scirra and a call out to other Windows tablet users.

    Question to Scirra Are you testing with any Windows tablets? because...

    right now C3 is totally unusable with touch on Surface Pro 4. Its impossible to scroll windows, the scroll bars do strange things, cant scroll event sheets without moving events, cant scroll or select things in the layout without everything going haywire. Plenty more but you get the idea. Swapping to mobile view makes things much better touch wise but comes with a host of other issues which i wont go into.

    im not sure this is down to scirra as i have found other touch issues with chrome on Surface pro im just stating and wondering what scirra think?

    Also, to other non surface pro windows tablet users...... are you finding such issues????

  • Yes, other users also have issues with Surface Pro touch. Take a look at this topic:

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  • Yes, other users also have issues with Surface Pro touch. Take a look at this topic:

    yea but i was wondering more with regard to touch rather than stylus

    and also I am trying to find out if this is specifically a surface pro thing ?

    or is it a general chrome on windows tablets thing?

    also if Scirra are aware

    maybe i will go down my local computer store and see if they have a non ms windows tablet on display that i can load c3 on.

  • I don't recall having any issues using touch on my Surface Pro 2 though last i used C3 on it was a few weeks ago

    The stylus issues are there though but at least it's better than C2 where i had to press the pen button and swipe up in order to right click

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