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  • Have notice a couple times that when you delete frames from a animation that video memory usage go up and stay up, this is a very serious problem and can eat over hundreds of MB of extra video memory in large projects, if you won't pay attention to it.

    I always have my custom debug screen on, to see how much extra video memory every new animation cost, that's how I notice this. I was deleting frames from a animation to save extra memory, but the opposite happens:

    -Deleted 6 of 10 frames in a animation that where each (218/256 pix) and my video memory went from 86.33 to 100.99mb and just we talking now about one object/animation, I try to reduce video memory to remove images but C3 add video memory usage??? Exporting the game gave same video memory usage.

    Also you at Scirra should be able to reproduce this bug youre self, else I'm able to create a video from before and after.

    And NO, I won't report a BUG report because of the bad experience in the 9 years with reporting bugs plus my project is to big and has copyrights in it!

    Hope for a positive response because this is scary stuff to keep going with c3 when this won't get solved,

    Regards, Bison

    Edit: I'm using the desktop build C3 148 stable.

    Edit: Maybe this helps you to solve, the C3 Stable before 148 was able to fix the video memory issues when restarting C3, but won't do it with C3 148 stable!

  • Construct 3 is written in JavaScript, which is a garbage collected language. This means memory is not freed until garbage collection happens, which can take a while, and to improve performance won't be done if there's no immediate need to (e.g. the system has plenty of memory free). So you can't sit watching memory readings and expect immediate changes.

  • Thanks for your reply Ashley but I think you should look in to this because after 15 hours the garbage is still there and when I load the project before I removed the 6 frames it's not there.

    This is a desktop build so have no clue why it should have garbage in the first place.

    Regards, Bison

  • We can't investigate bug reports unless you follow all the bug report guidelines. They're there to make sure we can help.

  • Sure, just get away with it as usually because some one did not file a proper bug report. If that's how the future is still going to be for C3 then it's time for us to going for the Unreal engine.

    It's pretty sad because I love to work with C3, but if your not able to investigate such serious bugs then

    I'm done here.

    Best regards, Bison

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  • It's not yet clear the problem is actually with Construct. It could be with the browser, the OS, the graphics driver, or something else entirely, or something working as designed - or, as is very common, it's just a mistake in the project or misunderstanding. One of the things the bug report guidelines aim to establish is that there really is a problem with Construct. We co-operate with anyone who files issues following the guidelines, and regularly even make a best effort attempt to deal with issues that aren't directly to do with Construct, but if the user does not match the co-operation then there is little we can do.

  • Scirra is not unusual in expecting bug reports to be filled out completely it is an industry standard. You can track the bugs, assign the right programmer to the problem, etc. when you have a proper bug reporting system in place like Scirra has, and you insist on users going through the right channels. It may seem like red tape but actually it benefits the whole.



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