C3 as an UWP app?

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  • Now that C3 runs in edge (Fall creators update) it would be nice to see a future UWP app for C3. I noticed that there is a few "browsers" in the Windows Store, but basically they are just a webview or skinned edge engine, (UCBrowser UWP is one example of a skinned edge browser, that also runs C3 well after fall creators update.) so why not have C3 in the windows store as well? Just load it in an "edge webview" without search bars, and put it on windows store.

    Why scirra should consider?

    + Exposure. Everyone running win10 has access to windows store, and a nice chance to get featured.

    + More sales revenue from the increased exposure.

    + More sales -> More money to hire staff to add more features to C3 faster.

    + For users: Easy access to the app, instead of having to go to editor.construct.net

    + More users -> Larger community. <3

    Maybe this is a good option for the planned C3 standalone version? I would say better because of the reasons above, instead of having a downloadable on site.

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  • Yes, we'd like to do this. MS have announced native support for PWAs in the Windows Store, and we thought we'd wait for that. AFAIK there's no way to submit yet.

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