Can C3 be used to develop a simple app for ordering and despatch for a restaurant?

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  • Could someone tell me How can I do it? I was messing around with and I created a database but then I don't know what to do :P. The goal is to order something, so I need to save this order in this data base, then when it is delieried someone with the app send another request, but to delete that order from the data base. "Simple" as that. No fancy stuffs.

    Could someone help me on that? Using only Ajax for that, is enough?



  • this might help your case tracking your users with ajax-php-mysql

    ajax-php-mysql should do the trick then is a matter of updating / making the order complete or in progress by altering the table entries

    the tutorial covers most of the aspects +- some

  • GeorgeZaharia Thanks! I did a quick read and I'll try it when I got time. One thing that I noted is that the php script just do the POST command and I also need to delete an order when it's done.

    Also, why can't we just access like a json file from the server where the file is hosted and then edit its content? Would it be doable?

  • kossglobal

    As George said, follow a few of the tutorials on AJAX and MySQL... That is how I got started a couple years ago. I have done lots of database work with construct2 and it works really well. There are several forum members that will be able to help you out when you get stuck, but it is easier for us if you have specific questions, and sample code for us to work with.

    If the restaurant already has a website, you can probably have that site host the database and app... rather than maintaining another service, but either way it should work fine.

    setting up the tables and fields you want in the database is pretty straight forward, but getting the access required by AJAX and PHP working initially is the hardest part.

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  • with a POST command, you can add or delete records from the database... or update existing records.

    if you have multiple people placing orders and updating (or deleting) orders, you should use a database. A file could have one person overwriting someone else's order... and you don't want lost orders!

  • AllanR Thanks, buddy. I'll try to make it work. I just don't have much time to look into it as I wanted, and It's a side project so it may take a while :P

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