Will C3 be suitable for my project?

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  • I'm very comfortable with C2 (and therefore C3 I guess), having made one large game and several smaller ones in C2. I really like the language, so it would be my first choice. I've messed around with Unity and others and I'm not comfortable with them (I spend more time watching tutorials and almost zero time programming).

    I wish to create a Soccer Management game, a version of which I already run as an online game. Think Championship Manager, but less complex.

    I vaguely gave up on doing this in C2 because it's very text heavy and C2 seemed to become bogged down with a screen full of text objects. I just had a play with C3 though and it seemed a lot smoother.

    So think several screens with LOTS of text (maybe 100 to 200 text objects, for example, a screen showing a list of players and stats) and also lots and lots of stored objects (e.g the football players themselves).

    Is C3 superior to C2 in these areas? Will C3 also become bogged down by thousands of objects, or hundreds of text objects on screen at once?

    Or should I be continuing to learn Unity or something else?

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  • Based on my (limited) experience, you could make a "stat/strategy" game with Construct 3. It's fast enough with the math and screen updating and all (the C3 Runtime, that is).

    It might be a little clunky the way the workflow is set up though. It isn't really designed for that sort of thing. There's other languages I would recommend for that over this one.

  • The short answer is yes. Construct 3 shouldn't have any issues displaying text since there isn't a lot going on at once. Handling multiple text fields can be done with instances and cycling through.

  • I've tried a basic setup in C3, GM2 and Unity. GM2 allows you to directly 'draw' to the canvas, which made this really easy and meant you didn't need hundreds of text objects. The downside was fiddling around trying to make various text objects clickable or highlightable. Since they're not objects, they needed some manual work to make them respond. It was fast and fairly easy though, but I'm not sure how it'll handle a larger project.

    C3 doesn't seem well suited to this. Each text needs to be an object, which has it's advantages and disadvantages but it is indeed quite clunky and doesn't seem very performant with that number of objects flying around.

    Unity requires hundreds of text objects too but is far faster. It is however way more fiddly to use. I'm trying to learn it as I go along. I do also prefer C# to the C3 and GM2 languages. And of course, Unity is free!

    In short, I've tried it in those 3 languages and they all have their pro's and con's. Right now I'm grinding in out in Unity, but it's slow going. My work-rate in Unity is less than a tenth of what is it in C3 or GM2. Maybe I'll get faster as I learn it more.

  • Construct really isn't the greatest for text heavy applications, but it should work fine. From my experience with text based applications, the key is to not update every text object every frame (say, to display an array) and only change them on demand as necessary. If you do that, filling the screen with text objects should be no problem at all.

  • It was ok, but you're right, it's not the best. There were other issues that were frustrating too, such as trying to format/line-up text, although that's also true in Unity (which works in pretty much the same way).

    Certainly for 'games', I'd go with C3 (except for the cost, I only program as a hobby), as you can put stuff together so quickly. But for a large project, I feel that Unity is currently better overall, for this kind of thing. There really isn't any game-maker that's good for text-heavy games that I've found. They're all aimed towards sprites/sounds/graphics/physics etc, which makes sense since that sums up 99% of games anyway.

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