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  • In C2 I know when you exported a project it would put sprites on a larger image to help with memory.

    Say I have two layouts and each layout has it's own unique sprites with a few in common.

    When exporting in C3 will unique sprites for both layouts appear on the same sprite images or will each layout have it's own sprite images? Will the common sprites be on their own or on both?

    I am asking because I would like to prevent mixing sprites for layout1 and layout2 on a sprite image if they are unique to the layout. No point in having them loaded into memory if they are not being used.

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  • I didn't see that forum. I often forget the technical term of what I am looking up. I was looking for sprite images instead of spritesheet... I change the title to spritesheet and removed sprite images. I will however leave sprite images in the post a few times as a tag. Thanks for the time. I will post the answer here so others don't have to look through and read it all.

    13 days ago from the posting of this post Ashley said.

    "An upcoming release groups objects on to spritesheets according to those which are used together on layouts, which is aimed at solving exactly this. However with a couple of projects I tested, it didn't seem to make a big difference to memory usage, which I think indicates it's not a major problem.

    I don't think Kiwi Story is a very good example, because it's pretty tiny in terms of memory usage - only around 20mb or so. This is small enough that it's probably better to group as much as possible on to the fewest number of spritesheets, to get the maximum performance. It's only really important for scalability, when you have games which use hundreds of megabytes of image memory."

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