C3 signed APK with plugins?

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  • We just learned that construct 3 can generate signed APKs, I have a question that is a bit noob but I ask it anyway, it concerns plugins, de we have to compile apk elsewhere than C3 if cordova plugins are used, or C3 can incorporate theses plugins.


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  • Perfectly legit question, so don't worry about sounding noobish

    C3 plugins can specify that they require cordova plugins. For instance the inbuilt Google Play plugin includes the construct-play-games cordova plugin.

    When you export as cordova project it will add the "construct-play-games" plugin to the "config.xml" file. If your not familiar with that it's the main project file for cordova projects, so it holds all the project settings.

    When you export as an Android studio project, a debug APK, a release APK or a signed APK the build service checks the projects cordova plugins against a list of known safe ones and includes them into the build.

    If your adding cordova plugins to the config.xml file manually before uploading to phonegap build or similar then we don't currently support that. Although we have been considering adding an option for including additional cordova plugins in your build.

    If your interested to adding cordova plugins to a C3 plugin checkout AddCordovaPluginReference on the specifying dependencies manual page.

  • Thank you Nepeo,

    Now I understand that C3 is really growing in the right way.

    This is the main reason for me to move from C2, and maintain my subscription in C3.

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