C3 Runtime Problem!!!

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  • Hi All.

    Just a quick question before I post a bug report,maybe someone could help me out first.

    I just recently purchased a Construct 3 licence mainly because of the new Construct 3 runtime which sounds so exciting,to carry on my game project which I am using construct 2,But to be greatly disappointed when I tried to run my game with the construct 3 runtime, all I get is a black screen.I have run my game with the construct 2 runtime in the construct 3 editor it works,but can be janky at times. I have checked and removed all 3rd party plugins,but still get the same result (Black Screen). Has anybody else had this problem and did you fix it.At the moment I am thinking Construct 3 cannot managed large project files because my game is becoming quite large, even the construct 3 editor becomes sluggish when my project has loaded in.

    Many Thanks for any info.

  • There are many large games in Construct 3, so don't you worry. About your problem of black screen, can you try to preview and on the preview window, press F12. To launch the Developer Tools and go to the Console Tab and screenshot so we can identify the problem.

    This is what it should look like.

  • Hi

    Here is the preview shot of my problem you asked for.

    Many Thanks

  • slick


    Here is the preview shot of my problem you asked for.

    Many Thanks

    The image preview seems corrupted. I fixed it up for you.

  • This looks like a C3 Runtime initialization bug, maybe from events. You should definitely report this bug. We could debug this but it would be faster if you just report directly to the Construct Team.

  • Hi

    Thank you for your time in helping me with this problem.

    yes you are right,and I have got it working,it seems C3 runtime does not like includes that are in a group.

    So after some alterations I got my game to run ,but I must admit that there are some glitches,while running my game in C3 runtime,that are fine in C2 runtime in construct 2.

    And at the moment my game runs great within C2 but in C3 the frame rate drops horribly.

    So for me Construct 2 is the way to go,and I feel I have just wasted 79 GBP.

    Maybe in the near future this will be all ironed out and Construct 3 will be the engine of my choice.

    Many Thanks again for your help

    Best regards.

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  • The C3 runtime is still very new - if you file any issues we'll try to fix anything that's not working right. I'm also happy to profile projects that aren't performing well and figure out if there's something inefficient in the engine.

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