Is C3 right for me?!

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  • Quick bit of info first! My good friend and I set out on a project to create a ASCII Art/Text Based MMORPG. Something between Nethack and M&M but, ya know, EQ.. and mostly text and menus and chat.. We also want this to be a browser game.

    My buddy is more the tech guy but I know enough to do something legwork and also smile and nod when he gets to explaining the why's and the how's.. Well he says C3 is probably the way to go because HTML5 and smart people words.

    Skip to about 45 seconds ago. I click on this beginners guide cuz I figured why not be on the same page and I can work on stuff when he's not (kids, wife, college.. same here..) and immediately notice the demo game they use as an example is completely unplayable on a smartphone.. suspicion ensued (clearly based on my ignorance of course!)

    But I wanna be assured before putting a helluva lot of hours into something that I'm not going to be starting over 2 years from now. Is this demo game representative of limitations with this program. Is being browser based going to set us on the path to cross platform capability (PC, Tablet, Smartphone)? And being heavily Text and Menu based (a lot of graphical tendencies I see going around in today's gaming world but still a few OGs left out there), can C3 get us there? Any ideas? Facepalm?

  • The Ghost shooter example from the Beginner's guide is set to work on desktop computers, using mouse and keyboard input.

    The tutorial How to learn Construct 3? Next steps for beginners relies on templates you can find in the start page of the editor and which a lot of are made so they use the Touch input and work on mobile devices as well.

    Being browser based is what allows to go cross platform (your game works in a browser on desktop computers as well as on mobile devices).

    Construct 3 is rather designed to allow you to make graphical games.

    But the Text plugin and the TextInput plugin should help you achieve your text game fantasies :)

    The rest is game logic, achieved in Construct under the form of Event sheets, or Scripting.

  • C3 is right for you.

    I was a complete n00b a year ago and now I have my first game up and running on the Play Store.

  • Thanks for the input! I'm hoping this will be a fun adventure! And hopefully we'll have something good to show you in the future!

  • try this on your smartphone it'S made in c3

    construct 3 is the best !!!!

  • If you are specially interested in targeting mobile make sure you test what you are doing on a real device on a regular basis.

    It is quite easy to get carried away and develop only with the editor preview, only to realise later down the line that the project doesn't work quite as you would expect on a real device.

  • Definitely right about testing frequently. Being able to play on either PC or handheld devices is something we want to achieve for our game. I'm curious if creating a landscape and portrait layout option in the menu is a feasible route (so creating 2 of every UI). I know that there's quite a bit of options out there for phones as far as aspect ratio.

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  • Chasing after screen rotation is just not worth it IMO. You can choose a mode for the export so you might as well use it, if it matches the pc version, so much the better.

    Not sure I can say the same for pc vs mobile controls. Lets just say you can make a single version, but it's kinda hard, but also kinda fun.


  • the reality checks weigh in heavy. thanks much for the heads up. lots to think/talk about. me and my buddy had another discussion today actually and I'm really feeling we'll start digging into C3 soon!

  • This tutorial explains how to support multiple screen sizes with Construct :

    And you can use the Browser plugin's Lock/Unlock orientation actions for further control over the orientation during the game.

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