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  • Hi I have a few issues and concerns. See below.:

    (Version 94.2 Stable) Windows 10

    -I set my default save location to 'Download a copy' but it still saves to dropbox when I hit save. I dont want to save/load to dropbox anymore because my internet is too slow and I want to open my projects instantly.

    -Is there a way to set the download folder to be something different from the normal browser download folder? I'd like my project to be in its own CC3 projects directory somewhere rather than stuffed in a folder folder full of other downloaded garbage which gets regularly deleted.

    -Using 3rd party plugins seems very dangerous. For example, for some reason when I booted C3 and attempted to load a project it said a plugin had not been installed so I could no longer open the project. Luckily I know where to find the plugin but lets just say the author of the plugin deletes it, or maybe I just cant find where I downloaded it from 6 months ago....I'm doomed! I'm wondering why the plugin was deleted in the first place. Because of deleting browser history maybe? Why cant I open a project without the plugin? Cant all references to the plugin just be ignored? At least this way I could continue work.


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  • Under project properties you can check 'Bundle Addons' (At the bottom) and it will include the plugins with your project so you can open it wherever. I use multiple machines to develop on, so that's handy!

    I think they may be ambiguity in the future if it is a PAID plugin, since you don't want to give away paid for items.

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