So is C3 officially "launched" now?

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  • I haven't been able to find any news about a release date, although I did see that license plans are now for sale. Or was this more of a soft launch and it's essentially released (with updates to come, of course).

  • There are 2 phases of its launch. The first already happened and made it available for purchase. However before doing a marketed launch, Scirra first wants to hammer out any bugs left and make the environment as solid as possible. You can consider the current version in an early-adopter stage.

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  • if you havent been using it, c3 is for the most part up and running, it still crashes if you try to push it too hard (opening and closing a sprite animation box with 8 animations of 100 frames repeatedly will do the trick, but mainly the issue is that its not loading all the images by the time you're telling it to close it, hence, the issue is human patience moreso than faulty programming) - however its not a final version, a month or so ago we were on revision 12, now i believe its on R40, which is generally known if you're using c3 but some people are holding out on c2, so for what it's worth, theres steadily updates every few days. which isnt necessarily a bad thing, if you happen to find something that *Could* be useful while making a project, it gives you the option to say something and bring it to the attention of the programmers instead of being like "damn i wish it had this though" . honestly, at the point where it is now, its worth the liscense cost. however if you're deciding whether to switch from c2 free to c3 free, i would bear in mind that c2 free has a 100 event limit where as c3free only has a 50 event limit. dont let that fool you though, 50 events in c3 is more than enough to build yourself a basic game or app. you may have to make sequels if you want multiple levels, but you can simplify most games down to 5-10 events. the rest are triggers, and theres enough workarounds that 50 events is a comfortable roof, especially considering if you want the liscense for c3 vs c2, it's only $100 vs c2s $400. 50 events gives you more than enough room to make a basic prototype to try to gain investment into a liscense as well. also, it is not a limit of 50 events to use, only to export, so you could make full fledged games and then purchase the liscense and mass publish. either way, if you're not using c3 you should be. and if you're wondering if its worth throwing your dollars at, the answer is yes.

  • Hello;

    I bought a license, I'm paying for it, it works fine for me. I can log in from anywhere without a hitch.



  • Just to clarify, we're in a beta stage but licenses are on sale.

    We hope to be out of beta by end of summer (the "full" launch).

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