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  • Hi Team,

    When I am exporting my game to Android, it says that the min sdk is Android 5, when I take the resulted apk to my device which is Android 5.1 version, it keeps asking me to update my software ! So I tried to export to XCode, which is export only to IOS 12 version, I have updated my device to this version but the same it keeps asking me to update the software !!

    And also a big big big question, Will C3 mobile exports support only > Android 5 & IOS > 12

    what about the devices with lower than this versions? Plz help since I am working on a project and I want to see is it C3 compatible for me to use or not !

    I have bought C3 in 2017 and in 2018 and want to know if It is worth keep buying it !


    CC: Ashley

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  • Read the error message! It tells you that

    On Android - make sure the Android System Webview is up-to-date

    On iOS - the simulator is not supported, test on a real device

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