C3 missing the new editors?

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  • I was quickly checking out the full version (available for Game Jam) but noticed some missing features, or what I thought would be available for game jam.

    In particular, the new editors (Array, dictionary, text)? Or I just didn't find them?

    Covered in this blog post


    Any ETA on when those will be available? I was looking forward to play with those, during the jam.

  • They are in.

    The actual way to have them work is to actually go in the Project bar, right-click the "Files" folder and then select the type of file/data structure you want to edit in the "New" folder.

    This will result in opening the appropriate editor (array, dictionary or text for most other kind of format).

    You will have to close the tab in order for any modification to be taken into account into the file.

    Then if you want your file to be read in an array, you add the AJAX plugin and treat the file as a Project File.

    On start of the first layout of your project, or where you want it, you acquire the file and then use the Load action within the appropriate data structure to load AJAX.LastData.

    + System: On start of layout

    -> AJAX: Request New Array.json (tag "Array")

    + AJAX: On "Array" completed

    -> Array: Load from JSON string AJAX.?LastData

  • Oh, that was well hidden!!!

    I thought i could just double click the Array object in project bar, to start editing. Maybe I should put that in as a feature request

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  • UI for those definitely has to be improved, devs are aware of it, but for now there are higher priorities items on the list.

  • Yeah It's quite hidden, at least we know where to find them now thanks

    I see there are some other juicy bits there...

  • I was suffering from the same question and solved it now

    Thanks Kyatric!

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