C3 in a MacBookPro

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  • Hi,

    I try to use C3 in my MacBookPro (early 2011) with no sucess, the alert message say that WebGL is not working!

    Somebody has he same problem, or know the solution?


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  • I work perfectly fine on my MacbookPro.

    Make sure you are using the latest version of Google Chrome.

    It does not work with Safari or Firefox etc.

  • The error message when WebGL is not supported pretty much covers all your options. As it says, you should try installing any system updates, update your graphics driver if you can, or otherwise just find a newer device.

  • Apple makes it's own drivers and updates, and they are included in OS updates. It's not like Windows where you have to check for the latest driver version all the time in order to get an app to work properly. Unless you are using something you installed yourself.

    Safari might not trust the website's use of WebGL, so that might be the reason for the message, but you can change that in the settings. As Havok mentioned though, it won't matter because C3 only runs in Chrome anyway.

    If you need to enable WebGL in Chrome, here are some instructions:

    http://ccm.net/faq/40585-how-to-enable- ... gle-chrome

  • I already update Chrome, it is in 58.0.3029.81 (64-bit) version, and I try Chrome Canary too, in 60.0.3080.0 (Official Build) Canary (64-bit) but in any of then works! I will try to update to Sierra, because now I am using OS X Yosemite version 10.10.5 bu I want to know if somebody has this issue, and if this update is one solution!

    Thanks anyway!

  • Hey, good lucky!

    I find an old post in Google Chrome Help Forum in which they say to ENABLE in chrome://flags

    • Override software rendering list
    • WebGL Draft Extensions
    • WebGL 2.0

    I did it and C3 is working now in my MacBookPro!!!

    Thanks to all who helped me!

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