C3: Too little, too soon ?

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  • As I started to learn web development, I was really amazed just what it can be done, and I can understand why Ashley chosen web technologies. And sooner or later, a lot of other programs will have an browser-based port.

    I feel that that C3, becamnde browser-based too soon. As a comparison to understand what I am saying:

    Now HTML5 is greatly supported even on mobiles, but when C2 started, games were barely playable in Direct Canvas and only certain browsers. It felt like beta testing.

    Other engines remained native and added HTML5 only when was mature enough.

    Also the announcement PR was almost as bad as

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    , at least Scirra was kind enough to to kill the hype and announce the pricing model first.

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  • Well, Scirra always looks into the future and so far it's paid off in my opinion. We'll yet to see the new editor to know whether it's too soon to put a complete game development environment into the browser or not. I saw some software running on browser technologies well (Atom for example) so I'm looking forward to see C3 in action.

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