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  • OK, I have what some would perceive an odd question, and may even be common knowledge and/or established procedure that I'm not aware of, but its contents carry significance in my specific (I'd imagine others' as well) plans.

    I'm knee deep one year developing a sort of... engine within Construct for a series of games. Rather large, epic turn based combat, dynamic tile lights, complex dialogue trees, AI, character sprite customization, spells, stealth systems...etc. I look at what C3 has to offer and I love it. Truth be told all I'm waiting for is the full SDK so I can convert some stuff before jumping to C3... but that's another topic.

    To get to the point, what I'm trying to say is that currently I'm investing in a complex template for a lot of games. What will happen, if by some reason or another the project gets discontinued and I can no longer purchase a yearly license for C3? Is all my work discarded so to say?

    I know I'm talking about a rather grim and currently non realistic scenario...still, I would love to know. No disrespect meant.

    Thanks and keep doing what you guys are doing!


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  • I think these questions are best answered when some examples of why it would be discontinued are offered.

    In what scenarios do you see this happening? And also, what specific reassurances are you looking for?

  • Theoretically, If they decide to shutdown the project (say a company buys them and decides this, for whatever reason), then you're out of luck. Without contact to the license server for a specified period it would probably default back to free mode. It depends how they implement offline use. What would realistically probably happen in this case is that the new company (or scirra) would make the program free, or they would simply stop updating it but continue to allow you to buy yearly subscriptions/pay a one time fee. Or, they make it more expensive... That could happen as well.

  • I think shutting down, or being bought out are less likely with the subscription model.

    If it's profitable that is, and at this point that probably just comes down to management.

    You certainly don't see a subscription business being bought out, and then shut down.

    That's like chopping the head off of the golden goose.

    Nah, just wish them the best of health, and worry about getting your crap done.

  • OK, well, of course I wish you guys the best and don't feel this is in anyway a realistic and imminent threat. Would also like to mention I have no issue with the subscription model, so don't take this the wrong way.

    Anyway. Never mind.


  • Scirra said in one of their comments before C3 was available that in an unlikely event of Scirra going bankrupt they would release the software completely free and possibly open source.

  • Hey, thanks, I appreciate the answer.


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