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  • Hey all, just a bit of a feels good tale:

    So I work as a teacher in Vietnam in a rather up-market center. All the rooms have big touchscreens that the school purchased software for with various games and vocabulary.

    After teaching there for around a year I was really fed up with the quality of the software: the games were all ugly and boring, the way they taught vocabulary was poorly coordinated, the menus were hard to navigate. So, I started making my own language learning games for the class with C3! Nothing spectacular, just adding more juiciness (sound effects, explosions, music, funny pictures and things bouncing around) to the usual sort of English learning games.

    It went over well, the kids really liked it, so I started to really cross games with language, such as a space shooter that constantly changes which units are hostile and which are friendly so the children need to be able to understand the message and readjust what they target on the fly.

    Recently we had a meeting and my boss told us he was looking to buy new language learning software from a firm in Malaysia, so I told him what I'd been doing and he should just pay me instead to polish it up. After a lot of discussion, a week and a solid demo later, he agreed! I got a substantial pay rise and support to get artists etc.

    So after my many years of working with Construct, I'm finally getting paid for making games.

    Thanks Construct dudes!

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  • Great to hear! Sounds like an excellent use for Construct. Hope things continue to go well!

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