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  • I was just curious if there's anything any future plans to support plugins that could interact with the editor itself, that could add new features to the editor?

    It would be nice if we could add plugins for ease of life improvements to the editor if there was any ability to do so. Some things I had in mind that would be quite neat:

    * Animation timeline (Similar to Flash/AfterEffects) Good for making cutscenes etc, animating UI elements and other things.

    * Drawing curves/paths/shapes in the layout for objects to follow, or to use as collision boxes/boundaries and or other stuff.

    * More advanced transforms to sprite objects. Bend, skew, taper, tilt etc etc.

    * Null objects/pivots, and object child/parent structure.

    * Simple 3D transforms, similar to CSS transforms.

    * Layered sprites. Instead of using two separate sprites on top of each other, adding layers within the sprite object would be nice and handy.

    The list goes on, and I have a lot of ideas, that would make C3 even more awesome if the editor itself could be extended as well. So is there any plans for these kind of editor plugins?

  • It's an interesting idea, but the API surface is huge, so would take a great deal of development time. Then I'm doubtful how much third-party use there will be anyway - will someone really work for months to add major new features? Also many of those things in your list would basically have to be built-in features anyway, for architectural reasons, so an editor API probably wouldn't be suitable for building them. (Some of them are in our long-term plans anyway.)

    We're currently working on drawing plugins, which just for that involves a large API surface, then we'll probably look in to custom importers so tools like Spriter/Spine can handle importing themselves. Beyond that I think we will focus on adding specific features that are definitely needed by a third-party addon, so we'll add things as needed from there.

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  • Thanks for the info. Yeah I doubt many people would actually spend months to develop those kind of plugins, unless there was an economic incentive to do so (selling the plugins), or if a particular studio was using Construct for their development, and need those kind of tools for own inhouse use.

    It's nice to see that some if is being considered, and in the plans though.

    Although in C2 trying out the Q3D plugin earlier i did notice that this particular plugin was able to draw things on the layout. I think it was a 3D box, representing the camera, or a lightsource (can't remember exactly). Was this one of those special cases or is this functionality somewhere in the SDK? Ashley

    Nice to see that bug reports are getting less frequent now so hopefully you can focus more on adding more features, goodies, and other awesome stuff.

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