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  • Just noticed that only one thing missing from being able to run c3 in edge.


    But just read saw this on MS edge dev site.

    So has anyone tried C3 with latest preview build?

    Curious to know if it is working.

  • I am running build 16296, and yes the editor runs.

    Tried loading Kiwi story, but is reports an error saying "The project exceeds the free edition limit. some features will be unavailable" (huh, go figure) but it loaded anyway.

    The editor appears to be functioning, but couldn't play the game - doesn't respond to any keyboard controls and just locks up, message says "construct.net is not responding" and after a while reloads the page back to Construct 3 Beta dialog

    But yeah I guess it now runs in the best browser available for windows 10, but not correctly as yet.

  • michael

    That's great news, thanks for investigating. I'm always a bit weary about running the insider preview builds. Have done before and had to roll back and reinstall everything, a few times.

    So it seems like we could be running C3 in edge quite soon then. I really hope so, as I'm not a big fan of Chrome at all (especially since their touch/stylus support isn't very great), so I'm still sticking with C2, until i can run it in edge.

    Did you try changing the settings in about:flags?

    There should be a setting to use edge canary, and also a toggle for using experimental javascript functionality, maybe that would solve some of the issues?

  • Well no, I have to say I don't know any of the settings\tweaks\work-arounds (really not interested at all in C3\Browser\Subs) Just thought I would give it a try for you since I am running insider builds since day one.

    Also I just received and installed the 16299 flight (they be coming thick and fast at present), so will give that a try for you as soon as I can. The flights now are just focusing on stabilization for release to the world, so it may be something Ashley needs to look into to fix, although Edge seams to get more fixes than anything else

  • tunepunk, ok just tried C3 in flight 16299. Loaded site no problems, loaded Kiwi Story no problems, and wait for it..... wait for it..... yay, the game seams to work, died a few times and although I didn't play to the end, it seamed to run just fine!

  • michael

    Hooray!!!! That's Awesome news!

    Well, chrome and other browser might be first in terms of new technology, always adding new stuff, but often breaks or very bugged. But edge is a bit late in that sense but they usually get it right, not rushing new untested features to the masses. At least that's my impression. Many chrome releases broke a lot of things for me, especially things related to touch/stylus input. I'm mostly working on a surface pro 4, often using the pen, so it's important that works for me.

    I think the the stable autumn creators update is not far now... I might test it then.

  • As a fellow Surface user, this is great news - Chrome absolute decimates the Pros battery life, and Edge is far superior in this regard.

    Being able to use C3 across Apple, Windows, desktop and tablet is an absolute game changer - pun intended.

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  • Chrome absolute decimates the Pros battery life, and Edge is far superior in this regard.[/code:1mnv6iiu]
    Yeah chrome IS a bug. . . . . . .  
    [quote:1mnv6iiu]I think the stable autumn creators update is not far now...
    Yeah it's not far away 
    [quote:1mnv6iiu]I might test it then.
    The recent flights have been stable for me. Issues have been mainly Edge annoyances (like tab views sticking, copy\paste issues, that kind of thing) and some less than attractive UI changes (Acrylic, they say it is awesome, but to me it is butt ugly to say the least).
    But as far as stability is concerned I have not had anything that required a roll-back for a long time now -  the one roll-back I had to do was an annoying shutdown issue but that was before the first world launch. I guess it depends on hardware\software you use. 
    I do mainly 3D modelling and Texturing using a variety of tools; Blender, Photoshop, Substance, Quixel, Unity, UE4, Game Guru, Leadwerks, Bryce, TG4, and some other texture tools. They all work no problems at all.
    So give it a try
  • We've been working on compatibility with Edge for a while now, and as of the latest C3 build it should be working reasonably well in Edge 16. This is due out in the Fall creator's update scheduled for October 17th. If you're running an insider preview though it should already be working. In fact if you find broken things, you can file bugs for them and it will help us make sure it's working correctly by the time we get to Oct 17.

  • Ashley

    Awesome news. I will join the edge bug hunting after the official creators update though, as I have too much important work related stuff on my computer so not very comfortable running insider preview.

    I'll probably mostly look for bugs related to working with touch and pen as main input, as I'm a couch developer :p

  • Just downloaded Fall Creators Update and tried using C3 with edge... and you know what? Now I can actually run C3 in edge, but ...... they completely screwed up the pointer events. Now pen input works more like touch and not like mouse.

    Before Fall Creators Update.

    *Double clicking text would mark the whole world. - Perfect just like a mouse.

    *Tripple clicking would select all text or the whole paragraph. - Perfect Just like a mouse.

    *Tap and drag to mark text worked fine - just like a mouse.

    After Fall Creators Update.

    *Double and tapping does not behave same, and doesn't work - especially when editing text.

    *Tap and drag now scrolls the page. Kind of like touch input.

    *Tapping a word marks it and adds 2 small handles so you can edit what to select.

    I don't know what's wrong with these browser devs, if they are idiots or they just assume that people want the pen to work same as touch. They had countless of requests adding functionality to Office programs to have Pen work as a mouse with the same behaviour, and implemented it because nobody wants to use pen as touch. Was REALLY looking forward to working with C3 in my couch with only my pen as my input device, but NO. Apparently browser devs have no clue on what makes a pen powerful and likes to screw things up.

    Currently there is NO browser that works well with pen input. Edge had a golden spot here and worked flawlessly before the update, but now they broke it.

    * Chrome - No has weird bugs with pointer events, double clicking does not work. completely disabling pen input once in a while, so you have to restart.

    * Firefox - Works somewhat ok, but does not trigger the touch keyboard when entering text in input boxes so very annoying.

    * Edge - Worked PERFECT before the update, except id didn't run C3. After the update pen input broken.

    * Opera and Vivaldi does not seem to support pen at all.

    So if there's any other couch developer, don't update to Fall Creators update yet, and go with firefox. Seems to work best for now.

    /end rant.

    If anyone knows any 3rd party software that converts pen pointer events to mouse pointer events or something similar. Please let me know.

  • tunepunk - file a bug on the Edge issue tracker then at least they might eventually fix it.

  • tunepunk - file a bug on the Edge issue tracker then at least they might eventually fix it.

    I already did that, and filed similar bugs with all browsers. I don't know if it's how they intended it to work, or if they are just sloppy.

    Currently when using a pen pointer events work similar to touch (Or at least should be working, when it's mostly broken) whereas old behaviour was more similar to how mouse behaves. I don't know if there's any way to on system level change that because all browsers that do handle pointer events have similar problems. In some cases it's probably intended as a feature, but I feel it's a big step backwards to how it used to work.

    I just tried another browser that works best so far. Called UC Browser UWP from windows store. It seems like it's a reskin of edge or something, but it behaves better in most cases with pen, and in general. Although there is not even support for popups, so I can't even log in to cloud services with that browser... lol

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