How to use C3 Cloudsave on different locations

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  • Hi all,

    Please, can you explain how I can use my Construct 3 project saved in the cloud with the images and sounds which are on my local disk? I like to work on several remote locations on this project. However, the images and sounds are not present on those remote computers. I just start the C3 browser, log in to my account and then open the file stored in Google Drive.

    Now I uploaded all the images and sounds onto a separate directory on Google Drive. When I create a sprite (for example) I will use an image which is stored on that directory on Google Drive.

    Now I can work on whatever place on this planet where I have the internet on my project without losing the links to the image.

    Is this correct? Am I right in my assumptions? Is this the correct way to use Construct 3.

    Thank you for your input which is appreciated.


  • Hi again,

    I ran in another problem connected with Google Drive. I have the images and resources directory fully copied to Google Drive.

    Now I create a new sprite and want to use an image stored on Google Drive. However, I cannot access any of the images on Google Drive.

    Can you tell me how I can use my images stored on Google Drive with objects in my Construct 3 also stored on Google Drive.

    Thank you again.


  • It's not really clear what you're doing. Normally when you save a project to Cloud Save, it saves your entire project with all resources like images and sounds included in the project file. So you should never have the problem you are describing - all the images and sounds are saved in your project file on Google Drive.

    Are you saving as a folder project or something? Even that should work, assuming you save to a synced local folder (like Dropbox's local folder which is automatically uploaded).

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  • Hello Ashley,

    Thank you so much for your reply which is very usefull.

    What I did, was just uploading all the images I needed to a directory on Google Drive from my browser. Then I saved the C3 project also to Google Drive.

    However, I was misunderstanding the whole Cloud principle. I was trying within the project, to create a sprite and then importing an image on Google Drive. I could not find the particular image on Google Drive.

    Now I will import the image from my local disc into the project. then I save my project to Google Drive and my problem is solved.

    I do appreciate your support.


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