C2 users who only want to use C3's build service?

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  • I'm happy with C2 and don't need to make the switch, but would like to use C3's build service. So I guess this is just a suggestion? To either:

      make it free to C2 owners who provide proof they paid for C2 make it available at a much cheaper yearly cost make it available permanently for a one-time fee

    As long as I'm suggesting things, I'd also like to see it handle APK Expansion Files, so that we don't have to keep things under the Play Store 100MB APK limit. And as long as I'm dreaming, I'd like to see it capable of exporting to PS4, Vita, maybe even 3DS if the second screen is allowed to just be black. Even if this involves some sort of transition between C2/C3 and Unity in order to achieve it. But, yeah, mainly the first part of this post. Teehee.

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  • We can't make it free, it's an expensive and difficult service to run which has an on-going overhead. Also the C3 subscription already costs less than PhoneGap Build's subscription. So you get the full features of C3, and the build service, for less than just a build service from a different company. So it's already at a cheaper cost than the alternatives, and you get a lot more for your money.

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