C2 to C3 to apk. Text Object Blacked out

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  • I have a few text objects in game.

    For some reason only 1 is blacked out.

    It looks perfect in C2 and C3.

    I then export it to APK, and sign to test it.

    When I run it on mobile the text becomes a black bar.

    The black bar is equivalent to the text object's size.

    I checked object and layer, neither have blend modes.

    I even changed what layer the object is on and the Z-Order.

    If it had a blend mode or an issue in the project file, it would show up when running on PC.

    Can anybody speculate or know why it does this?

  • Will the C3 runtime affect C2-made projects?

  • I know some things are handled differently.

    In C3 my webfont events for C2 wasn't working, I had to change it to Face Font.

    The call name of the font changed too.

    I had to figure out the new name by seeing what C3 was calling it.

    I forgot how I found the new names out though, it wasn't hard to find.

    ReplaceColor only has 3 Parameters now instead of 7.

    I made extra events connected to a variable that changes which events are called, depending on what Construct I am using.

    If c2 then do webfont

    else do facefont.

    Other than that I don't notice much.

    I don't use C3 for anything other than export..

    It doesn't run very smoothly for me.


    Update on my blacked out text object.

    Seems like it happens during export.

    I was testing export settings.

    I still don't know what is causing it though.

    When originally testing I exported to apk over 6 times with different settings each time.

    The text object was only blacked out on a few exports and not the rest.

    I changed Z-order and what layer the object was on during the exports with the same results.

    It seemingly does not alternate between showing text and blacked out in the same apk.

    Closing and reopening the apk doesn't seem to change the results.

    I find it odd that it is only affecting the one text object.

    The only unique thing about this instance text object is it's fade.

    It is the only text object that repeatedly gets it's text changed, opacity gets set to 100 and fades using fade behavior.

    I use instances of the same text object in different areas, they do not have issues.


    I completely removed fade on the affected text object and it sometimes still appears black when exported to apk.

    It for sure has something to do with exporting.

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  • I believe I found out what was causing it.

    The size of the text object has something to do with it.

    I actually converted some of my text objects to sprite font.

    It acts the same way.

    The size of the text objects that were affected where a lot larger than they had to be.

    I also think it happens if the text object is to small for the text to display correctly, I am not 100% sure on this one..

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