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  • I just want a littlesite to do my own game reviews and things like that. I have some very basic knowledge of HTM/CSS. Doing some courses with edX/W3C to learn more advanced stuff, and learn some JS.

    If possible, can someone explain in simplish terms how I would make a site like Kotaku (or other review sites), that allow me to post articles, and not having to make a new webpage by hand with every single one. Is this something done with JS or PHP, or other programming? Would I be better just using a blog site for now?

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  • There's a few methods you can do it by. The bare bones approaches involve you using a static hosting provider, these are services where you upload some files and they are just served to anyone visiting the address. You pay something like 10 quid a year for a domain name, and then whatever the provided charges. Some services like AWS only charge you for bandwidth usage, which for a low traffic site can be in the pennies each month.

    If you are less fussed about what domain name you have then you can create a website on GitHub for free using GitHub Pages. The domain name will be something like accountname.github.com but it there's no fees and you get HTTPS on your site ( something kotaku themselves haven't sorted out ).

    As for the content; you can write every HTML file by hand, but this is very time consuming and can distract from the actual content writing. To make it easier you can write it in a language that converts to HTML, I'm quite fond of markdown. It's quite simple, provides basic formatting options ( headers, italic, images, links, etc.) and you can find different themes for it. Also there's quite a few tools for editing and previewing markdown around.

    If you want a more "batteries included" option some companies offer a simple service for creating websites; you pay them a monthly fee, choose a template and then edit your website using their browser based tools ( so no HTML required normally ). I'm constantly seeing wix advertised online, but I've never used it. Wordpress also offer this service I believe.

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