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  • Some Questions for Tom and Ashley


    When you use lots of particles,sprites,etc... you need to add them in the C2 layout, and in events set an event saying: "On start layout | Particles>Destroy , Bullets>Destroy,etc..." .

    C3 will solve this?


    Doing pixelart games most of times we need a .ttf font with pixeled fonts and most of them we get an error like this:

    Even for non pixelart fonts sometimes we get that error. Using other engines or as a web font works correctly. I don't know exactly what is the problem, but in C3 this is already fixed?


    For text boxes on properties we only can set one line text that includes plugins/Behaviours. C3 will allow multi-line text boxes? Maybe some text area thing?


    There will be any possibility to work with binary information?. When i was trying to do some 2D app, for save the content i had to use .json for the info and save images as Base64, that increases a lot the final size of the project.


    For Plugin/Behaviours will be some way to include images by default or set them in the properties tab? For example a Pulse/Shockwave behaviour added on the Player, with all the properties in the left pad like what key to press to apply, time, size,etc... and some presets or default images already built-in on the behaviour ready to use or the option to add or set.


    About families some times doing a platformer i use sprites but also tiled-backgrounds that makes the construction more fast for solid objects and improve perfomance.

    But to apply the same action i have to create various families if they are from different plugins, and add separate events with the same action.

    For example If player dies with collision with Family.Sprite.Enemies & Family.TiledBackground.Enemies that can be a block of spikes, lava or whatever. Or for moving objects like sprites/text boxes, tiles backgrounds, buttons... i have to set it for each family.

    Will be great some "Plugin Family" or whatever on you can add a group of families/plugins that shares the same actions, or another object interact with them with the same action.


    Talking about tiled backgrounds, why not have the same properties like the Sprite? For example animations. Or simply combine both to have in the Sprite plugin the option to scale using repeat instead of stretch.


    I saw the live preview blog post that shows the shadow caster in action. The shadow caster still only works correctly with squares? last time i tested it using complex sprites or using the penumbra was totally a mess. Only got good results with square sprites and penumbra at minimun.

    In case not, here some raycast idea i saw recently: https://twitter.com/NoelFB/status/804160770032312320 .

    Also will be possible add some fade-out to the shadow? I mean something like this:


    C3 will have some built-in Fade-In/Fade-Out transitions effects between layouts?

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