now we can build for android with native performance

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  • hi

    as you may know the chromium from version 60+ use webassembly and after test a little complex game on it (compare version 53 and +60)

    you can see performance is really good (with a game which use more than 1000 sprites (particles are included))

    chromium version 53 : -30 frame

    chromium version 60+ : 60 frame !!

    but the bad news : crosswalk does not upgrading anymore !

    but i find this link : ... hromium_64

    as you can see its using chromium 64 crosswalk but i really don't know how to use it

    if anybody can solve this,he/she really solve every problem we have with construct ! (in android performance, since ios is already ok!)

    since probably ashley will come here and say why using crosswalk , i want to use crosswalk because :

    1. its stable: webview can broke my game if new update change something

    2. it's embedded in my project so users don't have to update some other service to use my app


    another question : if nobody can find how to use that link say to me how to check webview version.


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  • Anything new on this ?

    I wanted to try it but it can't be opened in Android Studio, and I do not find any explanation anywhere on how to use it.

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