Bugs I encounter and changes I would like to see in C3

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  • During the development of my game for the C3 game jam, I encountered some bugs and seen some things that I would like to be changed. I will list them here:

    1. When using tilemap, if I select a tile and click the rotate button, the collision of it doesn't rotate.

    2. When I copy a sprite that has the blend mode: additive, the new copy will automaticaly set the blend mode to normal

    3. If I want to change the size of a sprite in the Properties tab, click in the Size box and type a number, it will change only the width of that sprite instead of both width and height. Same thing happens with the Parallax, in the Layer Properties.

    4. In the Animation Editor, when I click the Resize button and I am not changing any value, when I click the Ok button the window won't close.

    Changes I would want to happen:

    1. When I select a tool in the Tilemap editor, mirror and rotate, I would like to see them highlighted (like the erase button for example) so I know the tiles are mirrored or rotated. It would be easier this way instead of verifying if the tile is on default rotate of mirroring.

    2. The active Layout is not highlighted enough, this is what I mean:

    https://www.dropbox.com/s/6my97iwqpvdh5 ... d.jpg?dl=0

    A thicker border will make it stand out more.

    I encounter a lot of errors that forced me to close my project, that's why I saved it very often. Mostly when opening images in the Animation Editor or when duplicating Layouts.

  • Please file the bugs here otherwise they'll probably get lost and forgotten.

  • I take this post, if the creator allows me, not to open another equal, and put my impressions after finishing my game "3 Fantasy Heroes" for the contest.

    After a week and a half doing the game, good things:

    • It works well, fast and comfortable.
    • Now it gets better the sounds, I do not have to lower them quality so that it takes them well.
    • Previewing the effects helps a lot.
    • The remote view a great success, saves a lot of time in testing.
    • A very nice aesthetic change, all very nice.
    • At first I did not like the idea of ??the browser, now I see that it has many advantages, and the program works fast, with some drawbacks that I expose below.
    • The treatment of the texts, great.

    Bad things:

    • When it takes more than an hour, it breaks, I have to restart, and the process of sending bugs is very tedious, and more when we do not have much time.
    • If I am in the Sprites editor, with many frames, if I delete with the delete key very fast it also breaks.
    • On 2 occasions Chrome I ran out of memory, I had to restart, please optimize this.
    • To export Html5, I am hung 1 of every 3 exports.
    • The new visual arrays system is fine, but it is impractical, since we can not do it with normal arrays, we have to do it, and load it later.
    • It takes too long to save in Dropbox.
    • I do not like downloading a saved copy on pc, I prefer the C2 system, choose folder and save it on top.

    Well, this is a few impressions after making my first game, I know it's in beta, and many of these errors are normal, I hope in a few months C3 will be a solid product like C2;)

  • and the process of sending bugs is very tedious, and more when we do not have much time.

    I completely understand your point. But in my opinion it saves you more time in the long run if you spend that 10 minutes to submit a bug.

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  • I hope in the future scirra creates a form to submit bugs from within the program connected to your personal account

    it would autocomplete

    -version data


    -pc info, this could be something you fill in into your account

    -if its a bug that just happened it could be attached



    its probably possible to connect this data to the bug forum so its centralized

    the same could then be done for the suggestion

  • I completely agree about bug reporting. I have 4 bugs that need reporting offically, but the process is so drawn out i decided to just wait for someone else to run into them and report them. I know it's not a good attitude to have but they're not doing themsleves any favours in this regard either. I thought with it being browser based bug reporting would be much easier, a form which automates most of the bug reporting in C3 itself would be really welcomed and i'm sure would save them alot of time and effort in the longrun.

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