A bug with the text input object? need help with this please!

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  • I am making a chat room and using the template. the template is a construct 2 template. it uses a "text input" object. however in construct 3 when i use that template the last line of text when "scroll to bottom" is used and compile it.. the bottom line is still hidden.


    this is the example which is a construct 2 project. if you fill the text screen to the bottom you'll see nothing is ever hidden by the box.. the every latest entry is visible without having to use the scroll bar.

    However this same project (game.capx) will open in construct but when you compile it.. try the same situation. the latest entry is hidden below the box and to see it you have to scroll down.. maybe a bug in the input text object in construct 3?

    I'm testing with Chrome on OSX and Windows 10. It's key that you compile the game in Construct 3 to see the problem.

    Example 1 is Construct 2 (this is how it should look)

    Example 2 is Construct 3 (notice how there is a scroll bar and text is off the screen?)

    no matter how i positing the text box in this project it always covers the last entry posted.



  • I think you could do:

    On text changed -> scroll to bottom.

  • I do.. that's the thing.. the exact same behaviors and rules in the C2 project do not reflect the same in the same project in C3.. it's like the scroll to bottom rule isn't quite firing off properly. i have a workaround idea i'm going to tinker with but i'd really like it to just work without a hack.

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  • a few more examples.. see the latest entry is always covered by the "bottom" of the text box.. it's behind it every time by one entry line..

    as is (always something behind)

    this looks right but only because i scrolled the bar down a line

    This is the event stuff.

  • I'm not sure what's happening but to get around it you could use a text object instead. Just set the origin point to the bottom and then whenever you append text it will always be at the bottom. The only problem I could see with that though, is that you couldn't scroll up. You would have to implement a way to scroll yourself.

  • yea maybe that would be better.. i don't mind if there's no history scroll bar.. i'll see if that works better.. i was just sticking as close to the original template as possible as i learn how this stuff works.

  • oh wait.. i remember now.. i couldn't do this because there is no "return to bottom".. it just goes through the bottom of the text field.. no way to push the text up that i know of. otherwise it's actually what i'd prefer to use.

  • origin point with a text object? are you saying somehow move the text box? i know origin points are good for spawning objects..

    maybe you're suggesting to spawn a individual text reply to a new text object with each entry? that might work actually, though i'd like to avoid engineering that kind of work around..

    another thought was just that every new entry adds an extra line (blank) after each entry..

  • Oh whoops. I meant change the vertical alignment to bottom.

  • oh ok yea good thought! ok trying that out..

  • yes that was a great suggestion! i didn't think of that.. never change orientation.. perfect!

    now to figure out how to apply CSS values to lists..

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