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  • I know there is a lot going on around the world right now but was just wondering if there was any other reason that some bug reports are still sat unlooked at (or unassigned) from 6 days ago? From past experience bug reports were looked at and assigned within the day (or two)

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  • From the Bug report FAQ: (emphasis added)

    Why haven't you responded to my bug report yet?

    We do look at every report, but developer and release schedules mean we may not get round to it immediately. Please allow a few weeks for it to be investigated. If you are waiting, you can improve the chance it is resolved when a developer does get round to it by carefully reviewing these guidelines and providing as much useful information about the problem as possible. If you are missing anything, you may end up waiting a few weeks for a reply simply asking for the missing information, and then you're back to waiting again.

  • Hi thanks, there was no untoward meaning. It was only because in the past bug reports appeared to get picked up on quickly so was just querying it.

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