[BUG] NW.js Cloud Save not working

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  • Hello everyone!

    I recently updated my NW.js C3 version. but now Cloud Save isn't working! I cant Save/Open any file from the cloud. Also, autosave to the cloud isn't working. It gives me an empty screen. can't log in or do anything.

    What could be the issue? It was working in a previous version

  • Hi, I've had a lot of issues with r210 and nwjs, there is definitely a problem with the dialogue boxes in nwjs 47 (you just get a grey box for everything). I'd recommend trying v46 as that at least functions for me (although still some odd issues).

  • I think it's some kind of rendering bug in NW.js. It looks like it's working again in the next version of NW.js (0.48+) judging by the nightly builds.

  • SecondDimension Yes, exactly, There is a problem with dialogue boxes

    Ashley I don't see that version on https://nwjs.io/downloads/ what could I do?

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  • I use to get loading bars when opening and saving projects, now I just see this:

    I'm guessing it's a NWJS bug.

    It's weird how each NWJS build feels so risky to update. Once we get a build that's working normally, Is there is there even any point updating it? Does performance get better with these releases?

  • I agree it's a real pain to update nwjs - I had construct r204.2 and nwjs 44 working together really well. For the first time ever I had no issues, and approaching almost 100% confidence in the software setup, getting loads done. Then the new version of construct forced an nwjs upgrade and we're back to random bugs and fighting with all these conflicting platforms and technologies, not knowing where the fault lies. I worry you will get to that situation where every piece of software blames the other, or the response of 'tell Google to fix it', which is very daunting. It can all get pretty frustrating. I almost wish there was an option to not update and turn off the update prompts when you find a C3/nwjs combo that works.

    I do genuinely adore construct, but it's adds extra frustration for a desktop user making desktop games. I always hold out hope that Scirra would take the desktop side in house one day like they did with the mobile side of things. I guess that would mean maintaining their own version of something like nwjs or electron, so I don't see that being feasible for them any time soon.

  • This is one of the reasons I'd prefer to move everyone over to the browser version wherever possible. NW.js has been a regular source of odd and awkward bugs that aren't in Chrome, and the fewer people use NW.js, the less that will be a problem. I think a lot of people started using the NW.js desktop app in the first place for the local file system access, which can be done in Chrome now, so you don't need NW.js for that and can move over. However I do appreciate that specifically for testing NW.js features in your games, it's still useful to use the NW.js desktop app. (There's also the NW.js remote preview that lets you test NW.js while using the editor in the browser which might be another option to try out.)

    Follow the link to nightly releases to find the very latest builds: https://dl.nwjs.io/live-build/

    Like any software's nightly builds they can be hit-and-miss on quality, but the 0.48 version indicates that this particular rendering issue does seem to be already fixed. So it's just a matter of time to wait for the next update to roll out, or you can try just using the nightly release already.

  • Just wanted to add that I don't think this is specifically an nwjs issue, as I have the exact same problem when using Microsoft Edge.

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