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  • So, I have a problem. I have an app I've published to the google play store, and I have submit multiple updates. But, I am currently not able to publish a new update due to what the google play developer console refers to as "doesn't support framework version" error. I have never encountered this error before, and it is starting to annoy me as I can't find a way around losing thousands of potential devices. The only difference between this update and the last is a few extra layouts.

    I don't know if this is a problem with me, if I goofed something up, or if this is a bug. I'll attach a screen shot of the error that the developer console gives me when I try to upload the APK.

    I also find it important to mention that I am not a good coder, or game dev, and do this through construct 3 as a hobby. Any help will be much appreciated. I am hesitant to fill out a bug report as I do not know if this is a bug or not.


  • Looks like you've managed to somehow build the apk supporting only an OS lower than 5.0. Not sure how you did that. Do you use android studio and something broke there? Anyway, over to Ashley

  • Hmmm... I used the default OS specifications for Android. No Android studio.

  • Wait for a response from Construct guys. You're not supporting any OS or one that is too low to be supported on any device. I can't troubleshoot it though, it might be missing files, or a corrupt APK, but they will have more information.

  • K thx

    here is some more information: I am exporting and signing from construct 3, and directly uploading to the google play store after I test it. I have now tried exporting it on 3 different computers and always get the same result. I'll try one more time after this post.

    update: just tried it. Got the same exact error. Here is another screenshot:

    Pluggins i'm using:

    hope that helps Ashley

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  • What release of Construct are you using ? (found in the "Menu"/"About" dialog).

    At this time it should now be Release 164 Stable.

    If it is anything lower than that, be sure to go to the latest releases page and execute the editor from here.

    If you are using r164 and still get this error, please post it to the GitHub issue tracker here:


    Also Nepeo is to be alerted here, not so much Ashley.

  • I have a feeling it's the ticking of the vibrate option. Like you didn't have it ticked for your first build but now it's ticked and some devices do not support vibrate maybe? It's probably not that at all but it's my best guess.

  • Well we haven't intentionally reduced device compatibility. Unfortunately I'm not aware of what that specific warning relates to. I think I need to take a closer look at the project, and perhaps check what changes we made over the duration. Knowing what version you used for the last "good" release would also be helpful.

  • Sounds good. I updated to 164 already. That was my first guess. I had vibrate in there already and never even touched it but who knows at this point. Thanks for the help.

    Nepeoshould I fill out the bug report now? Or just send you the c3 files? I have some old exported apks I could send it if helps. I don't know if I have old c3 files or not... But I'll check my last hard backup.

  • So, the last APK I made that worked was my, and I think I made it with construct r162 and r163(not certain). I generally don't use beta versions of construct(for reasons like this) but I had accidentally updated it one of my computers and did a bunch of work on it without knowing, and as you know, projects can go up the release food chain, but not back down. By chance, I do have a c3 file for it as well as an APK (debug APK only).

    I also have the c3 file for the current project, and an APK for it as well. Go figure. Now, I realize that I am in a bit of a spot here, but I don't really want to release the files in a bug report if I can help it.Nepeo If it is easier for you, I could email the files to you guys, then you could tell me if you think it deserves a bug report or not. The last time I tried to make a bug report, it was already fixed, and the report was useless. Oops. But up to you.

  • play.google.com/store/apps/details

    this is You all can download that APK if you want :) Just be sure to tap on some adds.

  • A bug report please. It's easier to keep track of. If you aren't happy making the project public then just make a note of that on the report and email me the files at iainnpu@scirra.com

  • ok. It's not a big deal. Ill live. Let's hope at least.

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