Buck up Construct2, without XDK, you have became a Nightmare

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  • Just released my app after 2 days of NIGHTMARE with your badly configured package.appxmanifest file and config.xml.


    iOS Nightmare:

    How to generate pfx for phonegap which is needed for windows 10 universal app ?

    Seriously man, now that Intel XDK has died, the "taste" of creating apps using construct two is dying for me.

    Finally managed to get Phone gap to build for iOS and Android BUT the BOTH requires one to edit the "config.xml", because the config file that Construct 2 build does not generate three specific icon sizes that one have to create and THEN edit the config.xml to show it.

    And also the number of version decimal points is different for iOS so even if Phonegap build construct 2 file for iOS correctly, it will fail on application upload and one have to re-edit the config file to match Apple's version number decimal point expectation and re-generate again in Phone gap.

    What an unnecessary nightmare you have created for us your users because you are too lazy to properly format construct 2's config.xml file....



    Android Nightmare:

    Phone gap by default ONLY generate the x86 version for Construct 2's build, you have to edit the config.xml to FORCE it to generate for ARM which is where most of the device is at.

    What an unnecessary nightmare you have created for us your users because you are too lazy to properly format construct 2's config.xml file....



    Windows Nightmare:

    Building the output from Construct 2 for Windows app is a FXXXXXX Nightmare !

    Your package.appxmanifest file is COMPLETELY OFF the chart, needed icons that are not there, manually assigned icons to it using visual studio's designer interface (to reduce error from manually editing the appzmanifest file) only to hit a ton of bricks of errors from visual studio and finally some of the meta data inside that were not suppose to be there are being complained by Visual Studio about your package.appxmanifest file.


    I have managed to get the apps out but seriously this is an uncalled for nightmare, without XDK spoon feeding Construct 2, its failings are showing.

    Dear Construct 2, can you please format your config file PROPERLY, if you are going to do such a bad job generating your config file and your package.appxmanifest file, you might as well don't do anything.

    Intel XDK is dead, if you don't buck up, nobody will use your program BECAUSE it cannot output to ANYTHING without a ton of problems !

    You know what else ? To generate for windows 10, phone gap requires pfx file too, and that is a WHOLE TON OF BRICKS man, not like anybody cares about the windows 10 app store but seriously, exporting using construct 2 is becoming more trouble then it is Fxxxxxx worth at this point, if the situation don't improve I am switching.

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