Box2D+, asm.js Physics & Platform behavior, v1.15

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  • I've ported over my Box2D+ plugin to Construct 3.

    Box2D+ is a port of Box2D r2.3.0 emscripten, with added helper functions. For example: you can obtain the collision shape from the image alpha mask, you can set the collision shape at runtime from a C3 array.AsJSON and you can fuse many object together without any joint fighting (assimilate joint - make an object a fixture on another object).

    Please visit this thread for a description of the plugin (think Physics behavior on steroids) and visit this thread for a description of the Platform helper plugin (think Platform behavior, but with physics and one-way doors, collision filtering, etc).

    The Box2D+ plugin is available here.

    The Platform and Flow (helper) plugins are available here.

    The threads and the pages contain demo links, so please have a look and feedback here / in the other threads, depending on what flavour of observation you have.

    Happy physics-platforming!

  • Updated to v 1.08

    The following changes have been made:

    • Minimum supported vertex length in Box2D+ is 2.5 pixels. The plugin will delete vertices that are shorter than 2.6 pixels (0.1 px buffer), or the whole fixture will be deleted if it was a triangle. Avoid creating complex shapes during runtime if possible.
    • Modified the Polygon Editor example. Now includes a warning if vertices are too close together.
    • Minimum supported fixture area: 6.25 px sq. The plugin will create a 2.5 px box instead.
    • Added verbose debug option. If the above corrections occur then Verbose: true will cause such actions to be logged to console.
    • Modified the polygon separator function - minor improvement for stability.
  • Great, thanks for porting this over. Playing with it now (the demo).

  • Great, thanks for porting this over. Playing with it now (the demo).


    Updated to v 1.10 - bug fix.

    Edit - now v 1.12 - bug fixes.

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  • Updated to v 1.15. Some more bug fixes!!

    Here's a simple demo of how you can create your own shapes during runtime using this plugin.


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