Just bought a Construct 2 license

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  • I started using Construct a couple of weeks ago.

    I have posted a few things in the forums, so you can see i have been using it pretty well.

    I am making games for a company (who also has a license) and so i planned to buy a license.

    I didn't download Construct 3 since it was still in beta and for actual work a rule of thumb is to only stick to stable releases.

    Now, having just bought my Construct 2 license I see Construct 3 is now stable.

    Should i move to Construct 3?

    Can i wait a month or two to finish current projects in version 2 and still get a discount on 3 when i upgrade.

    I am looking for advice here on the best approach.



    Oh and PS - Gravatar for avatars is not working for me, i have updated on gravatar.com but nothing is showing here... can you ditch this has been service that never took off and just allow uploads of small image files on your servers... please... gravatar (and wordpress.com) really suck!

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  • I also just bought constructor

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