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  • Hi everyone,

    Can you give me some advice please. I am creating a board game in Construct 3. I am drawing the graphics in Affinity Designer.

    Now imagine the game Ludo. You have a squared board where the pawns are moving around. For the board, I am planning to draw it completely in one graphic, start positions, home base and the path itself.

    Then I will place invisible sprites over those areas the player can move. I will connect object variables to those fields which identify the type of field, which color is on that field. I think in this way I do not need an array to store those information.

    I was intending to use SVG graphics for the board itself. However after reading this forum, I will now use PNG for all the graphics.

    Also when I draw the complete board, which size do I need to draw so it fits from desktop screen to cell phone?

    Thank you very much for your time answering my questions.

    Have a nice day.


  • So your question is what size are mobile screens? Pick a landscape or portrait orientation, my guess is landscape for a board game. For screen size you target aspect ratios, for newer phones the common one is a 16:9 resolution, for a tablet a 4:3 resolution and some of the older phones use a 3:2 resolution.

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  • Thank you very much Plinkie for your helpful reply.

    I like to make the boardgame looking good on all screensizes. Therefore in "Project" properties I choosed for Scaling the value "Inner". Then I created another layer for the HUD with a Parallax of 0 x 0. I read the blog from Ashley about screensizes and viewports.

    I will draw the board in Affinity Designer at a dimension of width 1024 and a height of 800. That should be enough to put everything on the board. The final export will then be in PNG format.

    This seems to be a difficult topic for many people. Two years ago I would not have bothered about all those devices, now I do.


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