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  • I have a SpriteFont object.

    The png image I use uses 48 point Font.

    If I view the png image in 'Photos', 'Windows Photo Viewer' or my 3rd party Image Editor they look fine.

    They also look fine in C3 in the Layout and in the C3 Image Editor.

    I have to set SpriteFont Scale to 0.5 in order for it to be sharp at runtime, anything above is a small bit blurry.

    I thought 48 was a large font size, do I need to increase the font size in the SpriteFont image or is this a rendering thing? Do people use a larger font size than 48?

    I saw a post for C2 where someone adjusted text render settings, but I can't seem to find them in C3.

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  • I figured it out, it was my mistake.

    When C3 starts it's runtime it brings up a window that is the size of the project viewport and I always maximize the window to full screen, I happened to have the project set at a low viewport size. The starting size of the window just happens to be slightly less than about half of the full screen window.

    The project viewport size was small compared to my window size and I basically had the game zoomed in by 210%...

    I just increased the viewport size and it is fixed.

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